Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you can find some of the more frequently-asked questions regarding the HVMK development effort.

Is there any charge for the game? - JoyArlene

No. There never has been a thought to make this a pay-to-play game. The game never has, is not, and never will be a charge-based game. It will always be free-to-play.

Will the name I choose for the site be the same as my in-game name? - tealpirate

Yes. In order to keep consistency between the game and the site, the player names will be the same. Most people who have registered have used their names from the original game, too.

When will HVMK be fully released? - andy

Unfortunately, there is no definitive timeline for the official full release of HVMK. The updates are sporadic, but that's just the nature of the beast, as new things constantly come up that need to be addressed. However, don't think that there will never be anything that is playable in the future. Numerous test releases are planned before the full release, so keep a sharp eye out!