Rules of Engagement

On this page, you can find the Rules of Engagement for HVMK. These rules list what you can and cannot do within the game, and breaking any of them can result in consequences, up to and including a ban.

Players May Not...

  • Discuss or link to this site in any publicly viewable way (forum, blog, etc). You may discuss it through Private Messaging, however, as long as ONLY you and the recipient of the message are able to see it.

  • Discuss religion or politics within the game under certain circumstances:
    • Religion - attempting to "convert" people or being overzealous about your religion
    • Politics - discussing politics with the intention of starting a fight

  • Defame, flame, or troll another player without a really good reason. These things have legal consequences in real life and they'll have consequences here too

  • Use any outside tool that could provide an unfair advantage over other players

  • Engage in hacking/cracking of the game's source code

  • Engage in or promote illegal activity in-game. HOST_Hawk has contacts in law enforcement and will enlist their help if necessary

  • Scam other players out of their credits, items, etc.

  • Impersonate staff members or other players

  • Make other players feel uncomfortable or unsafe. HVMK is supposed to be a fun place

  • Abuse another player's content rating level (such as showing them content higher than their level allows)

Players May...

  • Have fun!

  • Make new friends

  • Talk with people

  • Collect items and pins

  • Earn credits

  • Enjoy the game

NOTE: These rules may be amended at any time if the need arises.